Secure Lockbox Services

Less Paperwork + Less Fuel = Faster Deposits to Your Account

Lockbox Services takes all the mail and check processing off your hands so you can worry about the important stuff.

We will:

  • Open the envelopes and post to your Payment Gateway
  • Generate a file that you can post back to your accounts receivable system

Setup & License Fees

Includes Lockbox admin site for validation for additional reporting, returns, deposit confirmation, image searches, etc.

Mail Processing, Check Scanning, Posting, Electronic Deposit per Transaction

Depending on the scope of services, mailed payments will be sorted, edited and scanned for electronic deposit. Lockbox will post images of the payment stubs and checks by date received to the Lockbox Admin Site (by account), and build the import file to allow clients to update cash receipts (software specification restrictions may apply).

Special Programming

In the event of any extensive customization, additional programming fees will apply.

Full Lockbox Services

$1,500 (one time)

setup & license

$0.11 (per item)

mail processing, check scanning, posting, electronic deposit per transaction

$125.00 (per hour)

special programming

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