Gift, promotional, and loyalty cards open doors.

Customers Celebrated Here

It’s one thing for a retail business to say “thank you” to customers or to print it at the bottom of a receipt. It’s quite a different “thank you” experience to offer your buyers special rewards and offers for doing business with you. Your Fanfare for retail loyalty program can do just that.

Fanfare for retail from NLP Secure is a fully integrated, easy-to-use program that delivers loyalty rewards, promotions, offers, and gift cards that your customers crave. And with Fanfare, your customers will know they’re not just appreciated, but celebrated.

  • Loyalty Rewards: Say thanks to repeat shoppers

    Turn new customers into regular shoppers with an automatic invitation to join your loyalty program.

  • Gift Cards: Advertise your brand

    There’s a lot to like about gift cards: Customers give the cards to others, helping promote your business, especially when the cards feature your logo.

  • Promotional Cards: Attract new customers

    Extend your marketing without overextending your budget.

  • Custom Offers: Invite visitors to check out new merchandise

    Use your Business Dashboard to set up custom offers – and see your results in real time.

  • Branded Member Site: Loyalists can track their rewards

    Using your unique URL, customers can register, track, and view available rewards.

  • Comprehensive Business Dashboard: Stay informed

    The Business Dashboard is your center for customer reporting, analytics, and program management.

Loyalty Matters


of retailers with rewards programs are more profitable than their competitors without one. (2011 Deloitte Retail Study)



of loyalty program members are likely to choose a retailer with a rewards program over a competitor. (ACI Worldwide, January 2012)


of consumers modify when and where they buy in order to maximize loyalty program benefits. (The 2013 Maritz Loyalty Report, Maritz Loyalty Marketing, US Edition, May 2013)


of consumers would consider increasing the business they do with a company for a loyalty reward. (ClickFox, April 2012)

Learn more about Fanfare!

Choose the style that’s right for your business.

  • Standard Cards
  • Custom Cards
  • Gift Cards: Advertise Your Brand
  • Promotional Cards: Attract New Customers
  • Loyalty Cards: A Walking Billboard

With Standard or Custom, our gift card styles let you pick the perfect solution. Contact us today for more details!

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